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Chair, Cathy Trevaldwyn

Hello, my name is Cathy Trevaldwyn. The first thing people ask me is ‘Where does your second come from?” It’s a Welsh place name with one of letters changed to make sound Cornish. Welsh speaking patients will know there is no ‘v’ in Welsh!

The next  thing they ask is ‘How do you say it? Divide it into 3 syllables Trev/al(l)d/wyn.

I moved to Chelmsford 40 years ago,  to take up the new post at Great Baddow ‘Comp’. now High School, My aim was to make it ‘more comprehensive’ and provide a unit  for partially  hearing and deaf children were able to take in school life.

After 15 years I was forced to resign because of a bipolar episode. I took the opportunity to study art, a subject which I had dropped when 13 yrs. 9 years later I had a degree in `art and design’. Being busy and doing something which me satisfaction keeps me well.   9 mosaics of mine around mental health facilities North Essex – mostly wards for patients with dementia.I am also an examiner and interviewer for Essex University OT Courses.

We all need some personal therapy: along with being a mosaicist I am learning to do printing ‘properly’!

Why am I passionate about the ‘patient experience t we receive so wanted become Chair? My background is in mental health as I have bipolar. and  have been hospitalised many times. Mental Health is much more advanced in encouraging patients to be involved (or participate) in how care is delivered. Although my  focus has been on mental health provision I have learnt a great deal attending meetings such as the CCG about Primary Health Care over the years.

I learnt about PPGs when being asked to talk about mental health at another surgery. To me this is the essence of a PPG . PPG’s should be having events which not only inform in themselves but also provide opportunities when the PPG members can talk to patients  and find out what matters to them. The PPG may be small but we are here to listen and provide a link with Virgin Care. We are very much critical friends. Criticism is more likely to be acted upon if there is a framework or a good relationship, recognising that by ‘helping’ we also understand better the difficulties the practice faces.


To become involved in either the PPG or the virtual group, please contact either the practice on 01245 351351 and ask to speak to the practice manager, or email