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 Autumn Newsletter

I am hoping you will have noticed it is a long time since you had track android phone a PPG newsletter!  Apologies who thought they were totally forgotten.

This is a bumper newsletter with lots of Surgery news

  • PPG news which is hot off the press!
  • Aren’t we doing well?!

It is followed by a collection of Surgery news:

  • Building Works! Hooray!
  • SwitchboardOh dear!
  • Surgery results in National Survey
  • CQC visit – Looking forward to it!
  • Hail and Farewell – staff
  • The Surgery’s Primary Care Network, (PCN)

Aren’t we doing well! We are a group of patients who work with the surgery staff to improve the experience of the patients.  We all believe that it is ‘our surgery’ and patients play a part in improving the services which are delivered. With it’s 5 members we are best of russian dating sites doing really well – but we do need more! If your doctor or nurse gives you one of our invitation slips at the end of an appointment, please read it, and put your details in the box on the counter. We would be delighted to hear of your interest.


I attended the June NAPP (National Association for Patient Participation),  conference in Cheltenham  and came back enthused, having listened what another PPG has done, and through its activities raised its CQC grade from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding.’ proof that our efforts are worthwhile.


Because of the interests of our group we are concentrating our efforts into care for patients with dementia. Through this we also hope to ease difficulties some carers face.


New member Lynn Allison and myself have taken over providing activities for the Memory Group as we felt they could be presented with greater vitality. (I have led workshops for patients with early onset dementia in a Colchester hospital ,and Lynn is very well experienced working with older people as an audiologist.. Sue Wray is totally supporting our plans. She is also developing other projects so there is a more focused package for these patients’. The PPG is very lucky to have Veronica Sadowsky, Carers Assessment Co-ordinator for Carers First Essex, as a member -always full of helpful suggestions!


Not content with this, the PPG set itself the target of arranging 12 patients with dementia and their family a  Christmas hamper. With the help of the Pill Box and the Co-op shop, Meadgate, this will be achieved. The Orchards, Meadgate Church, has also offered to provide as many hampers as they can for needy patients from our surgery who live in their area.


A proposal: Provided we can get enough volunteers to act as regular hosts, we are planning sit-down exercise sessions at the Orchards. We already have a trainer’ available. We can also provide a film session after the exercises.  The timing is planned around having a cup of coffee in the lovely cafe. This would make a really enjoyable regular session which help both physical and mental wellbeing of these patients.


We will be applying for a Essex Association  of Local Councils micro grant to meet the costs… but money would be a lot easier to look after if we had a treasurer! Is this something you could do?


The group’s greatest need is for somebody willing to take notes in the meeting – typing-up can essay help in usa be arrange with a clever bit of technology, so we have a set of minutes. It’s every other month for a Wednesday evening. Is this something you can help with?


Although its production is very erratic, this newsletter is a way of keeping patients in touch with surgery news. It has previously been sent by email ChimpMonkey

This edition will also handed in the surgery as a trial.)


All is possible……. and even more,…. but we do need more members / volunteer sgiving time to help patients — and  volunteering for a worthwhile purpose can help your own well wellbeing.

Please  consider joining us, or, if committees are not ‘your scene’, but you would be willing to help in other ways we would be delighted to hear from you as well.


Hooray! The building works which are going to update the building to modern standards are due to start in December or January. Virgin Care are bringing in a major company in order that the work is achieved speedily. Wherever possible work will be done when the surgery is closed – evenings and weekends. Inevitably there will be some glitches. You can help staff by being understanding as doctors may have to move to different consulting rooms at short notice or other unpredictable events.


We are definitely going to have a lift, However I understand it may have a very tight turning curve for wheelchair users. Such things will be overcome!



Oh Dear!  However we all thought once the building work is completed the Surgery would get a new switchboard. Not the case, and it could be a long wait! NHSE say that Beacon Health (Danbury Medical Centre etc) have greater need, and certainly they have waited a very long time. Let’s hope it’s not so long for Sutherland Lodge.


Meanwhile, Sue Wray, our practice manager . is trying to investigate a system which gives indicates your position in a queue which create more understanding. However it’s worth remembering every surgery has an 8 a.m problem!


Results of the annual national  show  the surgery’s strengths and weaknesses. The sample was very small – approximately 250 patients with approximately 150 responding. (The surgery has over 11,000 patients)


It  was rated above average for patients getting to see or speak to their preferred doctor; being offered a choice of appointments and being offered the type of appointment they wished. However the surgery still needs to work at hard to improve the overall experience patients have of the surgery . You can see all the results  in full on


CQC Inspection – Looking forward to it! A more thorough inspection of the Surgery’s  performance is through visits of the CQC. Another visit is anticipated in late November /December.


The Surgery’s progress has been such, that there is a realistic expectation it will be rated ‘Good’. This will mean there will no longer be the need for annual inspections. and real achievement as some surgeries do not make such progress. As Chair of the PPG. I am impressed by the CQC inspections themselves and the determination of Sue Wray and her staff to achieve higher ratings in all aspects of surgery life. (The results of the National Survey are noted when carrying out the CQC inspection.)



No surgery likes a patient to leave having been disappointed about the performance of the surgery. If that is  case, talking to Sue, or the newly promoted deputy manager, Nikki Layley,  withn the next couple of days, maybe be  a much more satisfactory way of making the surgery know your concerns.

This is a new post, as Nikki was formerly surgery secretary.


  • Talking of staff changes. Nikki Layley has been promoted from surgery secretary  to  the new post of Deputy manager,
  • A new healthcare assistant has been appointed. Previously a paramedic, Benedict Dubois, decided to apply for this post as it would enable him to get know patients.

You may miss him for next month-6 weeks as he is undertaking 6 weeks training        at the Virgin Care Purfleet surgery in such skills as taking bloods or sterilise the clinical room,.

  • Sasha Coote, receptionist, began as an apprentice nearly 2 years ago at the surgery, and has decided the time is right to move on. We wish her well.
  • We were sad to hear that 2 of the APNs have moved to new posts. Mandy is now based at the Virgin Care, Braintree Surgery, specialising in ‘Safeguarding’ .Lesley left the surgery in the spring. Popular staff are always missed, Virgin Care are eager to replace them but getting the right  balance of skills for these posts is all important.


You may not be aware ANP Rosy. Her background was as Community Matron. She will be doing the Dementia and Learning Disability reviews in the Community, thereby ensuring that housebound patients this year and going forward have better care. A very welcome member to the team.     

The Surgery’s PCN.Primary Care networks are an essential part of the NHS 5 year Development Plans. Surgeries are being grouped together to provide greater efficiency such as training , shared provision of pharmacist (not dispenser) a podiatrist and the like, over time. The CCG (Care Commissioning Group,)  and STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) ,will be funding this provision.. Sutherland Lodge are forming a network with Rivermead, Chelmer Village and North Springfield Surgeries. Early days, but from what I have heard, Initial progress has been good

Every Good Wish, and hoping you stay healthy!

Cathy Trevaldwyn

Chair, PPG

Please contact me if you want to know more about the PPG: