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May 2018.

Sutherland Lodge PPG Meeting – 9th May 2018.

My Background

  • Worked for the NHS for nearly 40 yrs.
  • Over 25 yrs in the acute – Ortho / OPD management / PFI Assistant PM £ 360M build
  • Left to become a Mechanical Engineer
  • Been working for VC previously Assura Medical since March 2009
  • My current role is Project Manager for the PCBU.  
    • Overseeing the transfer of services when we take them over
    • Conducting internal audits and advising on actions required.
    • Project Managing any other work within the BU


  1. Number of patients on list. 11,211  today will monitor weekly
    1. Does the number of patients influence the number of sessions?

Yes, It does influence number of sessions in that there is a KPI within the contract stating so many  appts per 1000.  

c) ) F&FT and survey – Are you getting numbers completed. Are there any trends in comments

Positive comments:

  • Julie lovely, professional  & very friendly, professional and polite
  • Lovely  staff
  • Absolute pleasure to come here easy going staff, drs are very helpful and easy to make appts – Best Doctors I’ve been too
  • Reception are good
  • Lovely Nurse – very professional
  • Very Happy Patient – signed
  • Always been treated with respect
  • Dr Douglas is amazing! Kind and empathetic to patients and their families
  • We as a family have received excellent service from the staff.  In particular
  • Very happy with the way you are treated – BIG THANKS
  • Everyone works so hard 
  • Improvement on getting through on the tel.  Friendly staff, good doctors thank you

Comments for us to consider what we could do to resolve the concern:

  • Want permanent GP not locums. Importance behind NHS Choices feedback – star rating especially when trying to recruit goo GPs
  • Difficult to get through to make appt – (Trend)  Service manager does a daily capacity and demand review and in the build we will try & look at an improved phone system
  • Open weekends or at 7am would be helpful  to avoid queuing at 8am (2/3 responses)
  • Don’t like the layout of the seats in the waiting area – PPG to help with ideas?
  • Basic training in courtesy and helpfulness is long overdue .   Staff have recently had Conflict Resolution training and customer service training 
  • GP communication could be improved – We will look  to be addressed these at the next Clinical Governance Meeting

d) ) Coffee morning team. Carers coffee meeting, future plans

  • Carer’s Morning: 12th April – Dementia – Great success (Pics/ bunting)
  • Dementia Friend Training – Cathy and Ray joined the staff
  • Dementia Drop-in clinic – Once a month 4th Thurs 1-3pm – 24th May.  Attended: Sharon Markham.
  • Dementia Action Week – 21st May.  
  • Next  Carer’s coffee morning will be with the Parkinson’s Nurse and Age Concern – Date TBC

e) Staff training (Not sure what you wanted but to give you overview)

  • Normal S&M requirements
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service training
  • Dementia Friend Training
  • Possible MH training
  • S1 Task Schedule training
  • Safeguarding Awareness Raising Training (In addition to S&M)

f) Building works

  • Awaiting layout drawings.  
  • Cathy has met with Guy (Property Lead) – no change since that meeting,
  • Will share plans once received.
  • They will be displayed for staff and patients to see when appropriate.

g) CQC 

  • Likely to visit Mon 21st May
  • A huge amount of work is on-going to ensure we have the evidence we need to back up what is happening.

Good News:

  • Ipad & wifi (Wi-fi now in the service for all to use – Guest wifi) 
    • Cathy helping with increasing numbers of on-line registrations
  • NAPP application supported by paying initial fee for Cathy to join
  • Service Leaflet – Input from the PPG included (Service Leaflet to hand out)
  • ID and name badges due to be delivered tomorrow
  • Carer’s Badges suggested by Staff – All issued and wearing them 
  • NHS Birthday – 5th July The NHS will be turning 70 on 5 July