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Jan 2019

Sutherland Lodge Surgery PPG

Meeting 9/1/19

Surgery Staff Room  6.30 – 8.30

Attendance: Cathy Trevaldwyn (Chair), John Cameron-McIntosh Veronica  Sadowsky, James Taylor

Apologies; Roger and Jenny Turner, Given the agenda Cathy had suggested to Sue Wray that she need not attend

It was agreed that the record of the meeting would be based on action points. These were taken by John, which was much appreciated..

1. Discussion of the CQC report

  • Recognised   the great improvement to the CQQ report.
  • Action point: Cathy to give staff a gift – acknowledgement.

2.NHS General – recent announcements about changes in care, particularlyPrimary Care:

  • More skills coming into the surgery.
  • More focus on primary care.
  • Local care. rather than attending hospital

Newsletter. sent out by email

Second  newsletter.,still things we need to improvements

It had been arranged that Cathy should meet with Rebecca for advice on Mailchimp

2)  There was some discussion about printing copies off as hard copy and whether it should be included on the website

3) Once newsletter is presentable – increase recipients  – ongoing campaign – AGM, Not just for patients


Veronica  had passed over her biography. These were awaited from james, Roger and Jenny

Coffee Morning.

The surgery coffee mornings for patients/carers with different needs. T2 members of staff were organising these.

Unfortunately the session for young carers had not worked out as planned.

Cathy has supported the staff by attending when she could or helping with obtaining literature, The intention is that Cathy should provide more support by having a sort meeting with them

The next session is on 20th Feb (theme is reminiscing) Veronica referred tot the library boxes. Cathy to tell the staff.


Date  for forthcoming year – see attached. All dates are related to activities

All agreed.

Other Business

  • Nicki (current secretary) to become Deputy Manager
  • New secretary to be appointed soon.

Terms of Reference.

  • After requests to add additional information these  were agreed They are to be included on the website, displayed

AGM/Public Meeting Arrangemeents

Venue ; Millenium Centre off Baddow Road , 20/2/19 Speaker Dr Caroline Dollery, (Dr in Danbury + former Chair to MECCG also Chris Pearson , Head Primary Care.

Publicity: Cathy. To dealing with various outlets.

Furniture – Jim. – to shift according to plan

Welcome – Veronica

Reminder to speakers – Cathy

Flipchart – Cathy. ?? not easily available

Sue and Ravi to be invited

Refreshments: Jenny.

Photos Jim to bring camera

‘Voting packs for SL attendees

AGM report  followed by vote- Ray Berris and Sue Wray to count

Building Work:

Cathy to email Chris  about Reception.

Online Bookings.

was discussion about the problems with on-line booking, particularly there were being such a poor selection that people don’t bother to look and instead try to phone.