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July 2018.

Sutherland Lodge PPG July 2018.

Present: Cathy Trevaldwyn , Ray Berris, Veronica Sadowsky, John Mackintosh, Sue Wray Apologies: Jenny Turner, Roger Turner

Practice Manager’s Report

  • Sue reported on a CCG pilot giving access to extended hours and based initially at Elizabeth Courtauld surgery in Halstead and the North Eaast Chelmsford site at Sainsburys.It goes live on 1st August but the number of appointments available is unconfirmed
  • Sue stated that the CQC inspection on 4th July was focused on specific areas with a full one due in September. She emphasised that Patient Safety is always the foremost issue and that weekly reports are required covering number of appointments and staff skill mix.
  • Dr. Antonio is no longer the Clinical Lead and does not work on WednesdaysThere is an expectation that each GP sees 16 patients in the morning and 16 in the afternoon with another requirement of 80 GP slots per 1000 patients and 55 nurse slots per 1000Sue praised the hard work and commitment of practice staff

    At the moment the practice is operating a ‘summer’ season booking system which acknowledges that less patients require emergency slots and this is likely to last until late September though will be reviewed

  • Sue stated that reception staff are not permitted to tell callers to attend at A and E as it is a clinical decision and has to be made by a medical professional
  • Wi Fi is now available downstairs for patients Chairman’s Report
  • Cathy had written to the Essex Chronicle about Busgate but the letter had not been printed.It was agreed no further action would be pursued until the results of Essex County Council’s inspection of the Army and Navy flyover were available. The Health and Well Being Board were the relevant agency to be involved
  • Cathy described her visit to the NAPP conference in Nottingham, recommended its website and stated Virgin care had agreed to fund ongoing membership
  • Cathy expressed her view that Virgin Care were not presenting themselves effectively following the inadequate rating and cited the delay in producing leaflets as an example . PPG members had seen the original drafts some time ago– feedback given feedback. Despite pressure from NHSE, MECCG and ourselves nothing had been produces apart from the rather poor newsletter. All it was too corporate. Cathy had been told that Virgin Care were using her/PPG as the reason for the non appearance. more likely they hoped the problem would go away.

Articles publicising the PPG and need for members had appeared in the Moulsham Times, Great Baddow Times and on the Great Baddow Parish Council website and new channels needed to be identified. 2 responses – John McIntosh , now member of PPG and a lady who had expressed interest in virtual membership. She had sent a list of improvements to be made to the surgery. Cathy had responded generally to these but there was little that the PPG had not already commented about. She

felt strongly about the pull-up stand . Cathy was lightly concerned she appeared to be seeking members in Reception but without a good understanding what was involved.

• Cathy said she was speaking honestly to the CCG, CQC,Vicky Ford, and others as her main concern is what is right for patients. She recognised that this sometimes put her in a difficult position

Other issues

There was a discussion about the use of privacy notices for patients and especially potential PPG members

Sue would like to work with Ray on the bereavement project and identified the delays around the Coroners service as problematic

  • A newsletter is available in the surgery and Sue will have it uploaded to the website Members felt the surgery needed to try and encourage more online registration (see above)
  • Still a good idea to have a virtual PPG and there was some discussion about other methods to communicate with patients via Social Media etc
  • Sue to clarify what is happening with planned Coffee Mornings for specific groups(carers already targeted) and the Dementia drop in surgery sessions which have been delayed because Sue had been left no details as to organisation by Jane Cook. The organisation of the Coffee mornings had been delayed because of staff illness. CT and VS are to be involved in arrangements,

Next meeting: Wednesday 8th August at 6.30 pm at Sutherland Lodge With thanks for Notes taken by V.S.