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Newsletter – October 2018.

This is the first of the Sutherland Lodge PPG’s regular emails. Hope you  find it useful.

Have you looked at the PPG section of the Surgery website recently?The PPG now has the choice of what appears . John Cameron-McIntosh is in charge. The PPG are thinking of the best way to use this facility. If you have any ideas let us know.

The surgery is closed on the following dates because all the surgeries in Mid Essex are going to have in-service training. Each session is from 12.00 to 6.30. If you are unwell during this time dial 111.
(Tuesday November 13th etc.)

Have you  booked your flu jab yet? Reception will be pleased to help.

Exciting News!
NHSE have agreed to fund much needed building works at the surgery. The plans are yet to be revealed in full but in the Reception area the counter will be removed and a much more friendly and accessible waist-height will replace it. Ground floor areas will be levelled, and there will be a lift as well!

The building works are likely to start in March and not due to finish until April. The Surgery will continue while all the building works are taking place, so there will be changes for everybody – we have all had builders at home – and this will be on a larger scale. We will need to understand the problems of the staff making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible , Sometimes things may happen outside their control. As much as possible work will be done at weekends.  Sue Wray, our Practise Manager will be supervising , not sure ifS he has to wear a hard hat. Tough  time for her as the surgery will be open during the week as well.

Can you spare 2 hours each month?
Are you interested the surgery and the NHS?
Do you enjoy taking notes,?
If the answer is ‘yes’, the PPG will give you an enormous welcome as we need a notetaker for our meetings. Contact Cathy the Chair of the PPG, or any other member, and you will receive a beaming smile of welcome!