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September 2018

Valium Online Sweden Can I Order Valium Online Sutherland Lodge PPG 12th September 2018.

Order Valium Online Cod The Surgery.

Present Cathy Trevaldwyn  (Chair) Jenny  Turner, Roger Turner, John Cameron-McIntosh, Susan  Wray, (Practise Manager

Valium Online Canada Apologies   Veronica Sadpowsky

Buy Valium Australia Chair’s report 12/9/18 Notetaker

Buy Medication Diazepam No response from CVS  volunteers list. Cathy  is  using  a  written report as the  basis  for the minutes

Buy Roche Valium Diazepam 10Mg Chairman’s report:

PPG Event. a. During August the  PPG held a  sub-group  meeting to discuss the possibility of an  event,

Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery Uk Those  taking  part were John  Veronica.  ,Jenny and Roger were unable  to  attend, b. After discussion the proposal was put there there should  be  an event in the surgery aimed at improving the image of the surgery  amongst patients  as well  as raising the profile of the PPG in order to attract new members (including a notetaker! ) It  would be during 1/2 term especially Monday  22/10. A vote was taken, and it was agreed the proposal was agreed

Buy Daz Diazepam c. Cathy  had made a trail of NHS footsteps ~decision  made  note not to make the ‘pull-in’ factor ‘cup-cakes – too expensive/ home-made too much labour and not a healthy message, so  unsuitable for a surgery, It was agreed to replace cupcakes  with apples, with a request being made to Lathcoaths Farm Shop. d. Meeting with Karen Rice as to history/memories of the Surgery to take place Getting hold of the plans Former Head of Estates for the Midlands and East region of NHS England has left this post but now working  mid and south Essex STP CCGs from next week however she is continuing to over see the project. The plans have been finalised and have been passed over to Virgin 12/9/19. They will be shown to staff and the PPG and there is every possibility  they will be available for public display ot the celebration.

2. Manager of Essex Services  VirginCare

. Ravi has been appointed  is the 3 Virgin Mid Essex Surgeries. It was agreed , this being a permanent appointment was a great improvement on having seconded  senior staff as it  provided some continuity.

Buy Original Valium Cathy had met and spent some time talking about the confusion between NHS and ‘private’ in the minds of the  public. Also the expectation of achieving  a ‘good’ surgery grading from the CQC, He explained the surgery having a 1/2 day training session once a month,

giving the impression that it was SL doing this independently  and copying the other surgeries However clarification has even received from Viv Barnes (CCG). she will monitoring that  this training does not influence the number of appointments in total .

3. Surgery Matters a)  Buy Blue Diazepam NHS  Wifi Notices have been made and put up in the Surgery.. The  NHS website describes a wide range of uses from calming children before appointments, checking possible conditions, so seeing the Dr being more informed,,and even bringing in a benefit /3rd tier volunteer to help with form filling. b)  Clarification, medical lead

Medical lead for surgery – is this for 4th month as mentioned at one point, or permanent?

(Dr Antonio had  stepped down after the CQC report)

Buying Valium Online Australia c)  Litter outside surgery

Cheapest Valium Online Buy Cathy has obtained a litter picker after she saw  a large amount of litter at the back of the car-park. She will clear this in coming days. The  situation will need monitoring – and options/ container d)  Webinair

Buy Valium London Uk Cathy is booked into an hour long NHS Webinair designed for PPG members on the topic of  GP On-line services.

Indian Valium Online e) Remembering wide range of patients who use the Surgery including the homeless

g)  Meting Leslie, ANP

Cathy the new ANP who has a mental health background.

She has also suggested a second-hand collection of books to exchange  bookcase at the front entrance of the the surgery. This was  discussed and the additional comments of S.W. It was felt to be unsuitable

f) P.M’s Comments

   Sue referred to various  concerning  the surgery

g) e.Grateful thanks to John who has undergone training from VC as to enter material onto ur section of the website. (See presentation)

Order Valium Sweden 3. MECCG

a) The PRG is the CCG organised 2 monthly meeting for  PPG reps in Mid Essex. Currently  the structure is unsatisfactory and there is a meeting to discuss a Chelmsford sub group of the  10 surgeries local surgeries

b)AGM, 28/9  and   presentation of MOMA awards 4..MEHT

There is an exhibition of voluntary bodies in the Atrium of Broomfield during the day which Cathy is  to attend.5. Contact with  others

Buy Valium Au 5. Valium Cheapest Contact with others.

1. Vikki Ford MP

V.F has been painting interest in the surgery. Cathy responded to reference in th

Moulsham Times. and  chronicle

3. Contact with a student journalist

I have had contact from a student journalist, doing MA finals   and has to present an article directed at a national newspaper.

Having  ascertained the purpose suitable comment will be made.

Buy Terapia Diazepam 6. Additional Reports.

Making use of the PPG section  of the Website

Presentation, John : Using his lap top John took  us through the use of the laptop and  then there was a free ranging discussion as to what we should with this facility. (it must be recognised that few PPGs have this opportunity and thanks must be given to VC for encouraging the PPG).

Ideas include – the PPG – who? What  it has done//what it can do, history,  facts which  would help patients – useful sites,….. lots  of  ideas, and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Thanks to John for his setting up the presentation and enthusiasm in wanting to take the PPG forward.


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