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Terms of Reference

The Title of the Group

The Group shall be called the Sutherland Lodge Patient Representative Group (SLPRG)

The Purpose of the Group

The SLPRG will aim to promote co-operation and strengthen communication between the practice, patients and the wider community for the benefit of all.

The Membership of the Group

The Group’s Aims and activities

All activities carried out by the group are with the aim of improving the experience of the registered patients of the surgery, and their carers, if they themselves are not registered patients. It is not a forum for political X i or individual medical care or 

associated issues.

  •         The Group will work alongside the Practice Manager on activities deemed to              benefit patients
  •         The Group will work with the surgery Practice Manager and its providers, 

           Virgin Care,  to share opinions as to how services and facilities can be improved to the benefit of patients.

  • The Group will encourage health education activities within the practice and the      community as using the support of the MECCG Patient Reference Group (PRG)
  • The Group will assist in the maintenance of good relations and communication 

between the Practice, the local community and other relevant bodies, on behalf  of 


  • At its discretion, the Group will explore suggestions and ideas identified by 

members of the Group and patients, and report any valid findings to the Practice Manager, and to Virgin Care if considered appropriate

  • The Group will provide patient feedback to the Practice on current procedures 

           and  any proposed new developments.

  • The Group should be kept informed of Practice policies and may express opinions on those policies on behalf of members of the Group and patients.
  • The Group will endeavour to provide information  for patients through as                       many channels as possible e.g.  notices, email newsletter, website. 
  • Members of the group will assist  the Practice Manager and Virgin Care in any 

activity designed to obtain patients’ opinions of the Practice, in particular, the annual survey. The  PPG  may publish its own report of the results via the website and/or    newsletter  and noticeboard.The Group may suggest changes to the Practice,        which it feels will benefit Patients as a whole.

The Group Structure

Membership of the Group shall be free and open to all registered Patients of the Practice aged 16 and over (provided DBS requirements can be met.0

The Group shall hold an annual general meeting (AGM).

  • The Group shall normally meet 6 times a year, normally being alternate months With agreement, additional meetings may be convened  according to circumstances, eg to plan activities, response to CQC  reports or to facilitate event organisation. 
  • Meetings will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the named month and last no more than 2 hours
  • Meetings will take place in the surgery staff room, (with thanks to the PM) This will be reviewed if the stairs pose a difficulty.
  • All members’ views are equally important and all views and opinions will be both heard and respected. However, the Group is neither a forum for individual complaints, individual’s medical issues or political discussion. The Chair has discretion to make a ruling about whether the subject may be continued.
  • Under the Equalities Act 2010 and the nine protected characteristics therein, no form of discrimination will be tolerated within the Group.
  • Any reports. decisions,  action points made by the PPG to posted in the form of action points on the PPG Notice Board, PPG  section of the Website and in the Virtual Newsletter as  soon as reasonably practical and not more than 6 weeks of the relevant meeting
  • Publications may be redacted by the Chair, if appropriate
  • The Group shall review, evaluate and report on its effectiveness at least once per annum, normally at the last meeting of the PPG  before the public AGM
  • The Practice will invite the Practice manager to every meeting, and any other member of Virgin Care staff as appropriate. 


  • The Group’s Structure

The Group will agree a Chair, from the existing membership. Other officers to be appointed according to the size and needs of the group. The aim should Chair, Note taker and Secretary. A replacement Chair will be agreed  to take charge of  a meet ing if the .Chair is unable to attend.  Any other officers deemed necessary can be appointed. It may co-opt members as needed to any sub-groups it may set up.

  • The Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary will normally be appointed to a two year period, at which time they may stand for re-election along with any other candidates. 
  • Upon appointment, at its discretion, the Group can consider a six-month probationary period upon the Chair, Deputy Chair or Secretary. Where this is the case the Group will have the options to confirm or rescind the appointment at its first meeting following the expiry of probationary period. (This of course, depends whether there are appropriate replacements willing to stand.
  • Any member of the Group will sign the Practice confidentiality agreement before, or when attending, their first meeting.
  • Any qualifying patient of the surgery may join the Group as a ‘Virtual’ member. Any ‘Virtual’ SLSPRG members shall receive all the Group information by email and shall be able to express an opinion by email or letter to the Chair. However only those attending a Group meeting will be eligible to vote.
  • The Practice Manager, along with any Clinical Representative, will be invited to attend as a member of the Group but they will not have voting rights.

At meetings of the Group  members including an officer will constitute a quorum and, if necessary, the chair is to have a second or casting vote.  A quorum will con sist of 50% of the membership, one of whom should by an officer. Any decisions made by this reduced meeting must be ratified by the next members meeting .All members with voting rights must be patients of the Practice.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)  

  • An AGM shall be held in February of each year. Notice of the date and time of the AGM will be made widely available through the media, surgery, email and website at least four weeks before the meeting. In the meeting prior to the AGM the existing group should matters arising at the AGM should be reviewed.

At the meeting prior to this public meeting (January) the PPG members will review such items as the TOR and take necessary action, as well as plan the public meeting arrangements.

  • The group may invite a speaker to the AGM. Invitations to members of the public to form part of the audience but they will play no part in the formal part of the AGM – eg make comment about the Annual report, vote or otherwise participate in the running the meeting.
  • At the AGM, the Chair on behalf of the Group, shall present a report of the Group’s activities during the preceding 12 months.
  • Any proposed items for the agenda for the AGM shall be submitted to the Chair no later than two weeks before the notified date of the meeting. 

Alteration to these Terms of Reference 

The Group may review its Terms of Reference from time to time and take into account any suggested alterations proposed at the Group’s AGM.  Notice shall be given of any proposed amendments by posting details on the surgery notice board, website and by email to the Group Members at least four weeks in advance of the meeting.  Thereafter, amendments shall be agreed by a two-thirds majority of those present at the Group meeting.

                   To be  reviewed  January 2021


Examples of Activities which the Group will consider  when planning it’s 


1. To be a forum where registered patients have the opportunity to review and improve   services and act as ‘critical friends’.

2.   To endeavour to involve such groups as carers, people with mental              health needs, people with physical or sensory disabilities, mums with babies and young children, young people and students, older people, people of colour, and vulnerable people so they have a voice both within the group. 

3.   To keep patients informed of any changes or campaigns the Surgery              might be organising, eg ‘flu injections through a variety of means.

4.   To actively aid the work of the Surgery to improve the experience of patients. e.g. the completion of ‘Friends and Family Test ((F&FT )Cards; Use of Systm- on-Line appointment booking or coffee mornings

5.  To help understanding of health issues – ‘Carers’, ‘dementia’, ‘mental ill health’ etc, and how the Surgery works with patients/carers with these circumstances . (A member of the medical staff /charity being invited to assist) (Such arranging meetings open to all registered patients, by ticket as a possible means to achieve this.)

6.  To forward the views of members to appropriate outside agencies such as the Clinical Commissioning Group, (CCG) and Healthwatch, by attending the relevant meetings or using documentation so as to have an influence future health policies.

7. To maximise the number of patients taking part (or participating) in surgery activities using the technology/media/other means available.